Adult Cotons of Cathy's Coton Cuties

These dogs are our pets and the parents of our puppies.  They are not for sale.  From time to time we retire a dog and place him/her in a pet home.  When an adult dog is available for adoption we will post such availablilty on this page.

Our adult Cotons come from the very best kennels.  With over 20 years of breeding experience, we understand that beautiful, healthy puppies come from, beautiful, healthy adult dogs.  When we began breeding Cotons, we looked for breeders who had years of experience with this breed--breeders who knew their lines and had weeded out the undesireable qualities in favor of the BEST the breed has to offer.  Our lines come from prestigious kennels such as Woodland Cottage in Spain, Klenot Toliary in Prague, and Sandee's right here in the U.S. - all known for their excellence!   
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