Living Environment for Our Cotons

    We love our Cotons and want each one of them to have the happiest and healthiest living environment possible.  Living in a hot and arid climate, we have created a little oasis in the desert where our dogs can be comfortable and grow up healthy and strong.  Our cotons have a lush, grassy yard measuring over 3,000 sq. feet where they can run and play together. The fully covered patio has access to our kitchen where they can take shelter from the elements whenever they desire. 

Our Cotons are part of our family and are well socialized with all family members, friends and guests.  Everyone thinks they are delightful and beautiful creatures.

     All our dogs have their own kennels in which they eat their meals and sleep at night.  Puppies are raised in an area of our living room where they are introduced to all the sights and sounds of daily family life-an important part of the socialization process.

This is the backyard of our house where the cotons love to run and play.

This is a little video of the kennel area for our puppies, which is located in what used to be our formal living room. It is affectionately called "the dog room" now.  It is open to our kitchen and our family room so the puppies are a part of our everyday lives.

About Us

     We are Michael and Cathy Lowdermilk.  We live on 1.6 acres in Mesa, Arizona. We are hobby breeders.  We started breeding Chihuahuas in 1992.  We discovered the Coton de Tulear breed in 2004, purchasing our first dog from SanDee's Cotons in Texas.  Our first litter was born about a year and a half later.

Michael has an MBA and owns his own tennis academy called Professional Tennis Management.  Cathy has a Doctorate in Education Administration and worked for 25 years in an inner city Phoenix district as a teacher, an instructional coach and the English Language Learner Coordinator for the district. In January 2018 she happily retired and stays home with the Cotons now.  We are both passionate about our dogs and puppies.  This is a true partnership and joint effort.  We work together to manage the daily care of the dogs, while Cathy answers phone calls and emails and does the weekly updates to the website.  We both pitch in when it comes to grooming the dogs--and giving them love and affection, of course!

Meeting new people and making new friends is an added benefit to breeding. Visitors are always welcome to come meet us and our dogs.

Some of our dogs live with with my friend, Liliana Belbe.  We started working together in 2014.  Her breeding practices mirror mine. You will see her dogs under our Adult link and her puppies featured on our Puppies pages.





















Our Cotons enjoying the backyard on a sunny February day.


















































Our Committment as Breeders

     As breeders we are committed to preserving and perpetuating the quality and breed standards for the Coton de Tulear. Our goal is to produce puppies that are of superior physical quality.  We further desire to produce puppies that show no clinical signs of illness or structural abnormalities and puppies that are well-mannered in temperament. Once our puppies reach adulthood it is our hope and purpose that they meet all standards in structure and display the appropriate character and personality as outlined in the breed standard. 

     Our dogs receive a thorough veterinarian health examination to ensure that they meet all breed standards for structure and character.  This includes, but is not limited to, an examination of the eyes, ears, heart, patellas, testes, vulva, bite, teeth, hair and skin, and over all disposition.  We further provide a health guarantee for all our puppies.




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