Liliana's Girls

The pictures below are my partner, Liliana's, girls.  They live in her home in Phoenix.

Emma Toliary Cotonland

Emma was Liliana's first Coton so she is the matron of the house. 

Isabella Kiwi of EE

Around the house we call her Bella. She is a very sweet, good natured girl.  Bella is out of Kiwi and Elvis.  

Jolie of Lakeview Cottage

Jolie and Foxy are littermates.  She has quite a bit of champagne markings on her body. Jolie is a very playful, sweet girl.  She like to give kisses.

Foxy of Lakeview Cottage

Foxy came from our friend, Melinda.  Foxy is quite a diva, but in a good way.  She doesn't like to get dirty, she prances around the house like a princess.  She is a snuggly, laid back girl. 

Vivian of Lakeview Cottage

Vivian is very playful and loves to give kisses.  She is clownish in her play and makes us laugh. She plays very nicely with the other dogs.  

Laylah of EE

Laylah was sired by Carlton and is the granddaughter of Emma (Lilly).  She is so playful and smart.  She listens and learns very quickly.  Laylah is sweet-natured girl. Laylah is registered APRI only.

Kara of EE

Kara is the newest addition to our little Coton family andd is a product of our own kennel.  She is out of Jolie and Carlton.  She is a beautiful sweet girl. 

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