Haylie's Puppies are sold!

Haylie gave birth on April 24, 2019.
She has 2 females and 1 male
They were sired by Fabien Future Hope of CCC.
Her puppies will be ready for their new forever homes on June 19th.
Each puppy is marked as "Available" until people on our waiting list
begin the process of choosing a puppy (usually when the puppies are
6-7 weeks old.  At that point I will mark the chosen puppies as "Reserved". 
Below you will find pictures and videos of Haylie's puppies starting at birth.
Updates will be posted weekly.
 Don't miss out
Place a deposit now!!!


​​Kaiser is a tri-color male Coton. 



​​Kamri is a classic all white female Coton. 



​​Kalika is a tri-color female Coton. 

Weekly Videos


​​April 24, 2019

Haylie woke us up around 5:45 this morning.  Mike took her out to potty and came in saying she was pushing.  Sure enough, about 5 minutes later Kaiser arrived.  She has three beautiful little angel.  Enjoy their first video.

Week 1

​​May 1, 2019

Haylie's puppies are 1 week old.  They are noticably bigger, but still have their eyes closed.  They are lively, snuggly babies.  Enjoy their week 1 video by clicking the picture.







Week 2
July 1, 2018
Look how Haylie's little angels have grown! Eyes are open now and they are crawling all over the place.


Week 3

May 15, 2019

The puppies are  moving about more and starting to play with each other. They still love snuggling together best of all.  


Week 5
Ma 29, 2019
Haylie's little darlings are 5 weeks old.  Kaiser seems to be the adventurous one right now.  They are getting so fluffy!





Week 6

​​June 6, 2019

These little angels are ready to meet the world.  They love human contact now and want to play with us all the time. 

Week 7
June 12, 2019
Haylie's precious pups are 7 weeks old in this video.  They are incredible!





Videos below this point are from Haylie's previous litter.  They will be updated weekly with videos from Haylie's current litter.

Week 4

July 15, 2018

The puppies are getting playful.  Jessica was especially full of spunk today.  They are so fun to watch! Enjoy!




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