Haven's Little Angels are here!

Haven gave birth on April 28, 2019
She has 4 females & 2 males.
Haven's little angels were sired by Fabien Future Hope of CCC.
They will be ready to go to their new forever homes on June 23rd.
Each puppy is marked as "Available" until people on our waiting list begin the process of choosing a puppy (usually when the puppies are 6-7 weeks old.  At that point I will mark the chosen puppies as "Reserved". 
Below you will find pictures and videos of Haven's puppies.
We will post updates every Monday.
Our puppies sell quickly so don't hesitate!
Place a deposit now!


Kalany is a tri-color female Coton.



Kandi is a tri-color female Coton.


Kacper is a classic all white male Coton.



Kahlua is a tri-color female Coton


Kage is a tri-color male Coton.  



Karalee is a tri-color female Coton.

Weekly Videos


April 28, 2019

Haven surprised us by going into labor Sunday night, three days before her official due date.  Thankfully I decided to bathe her and give her a puppy cut that afternoon.

Week 1


May 6, 2019

Haven's little ones are 1 week old and all is well.  Their eyes are still closed, of course. They have doubled in size and are lively, healthy babies.

Click the picture to view their Week 1 video.

Week 2                           
May 15, 2019
Haven's babies are now 2 weeks old.  Their beautiful eyes are open! They already have pigment coming in and their coats are amazing.  These are some really gorgeous puppies!
Week 4​​

May 27, 2019

I opened the kennel and 2 puppies came bounding out to greet me! Such adventurous puppies! 




Week 5


June 4, 2019

Haven's little angels are 5 weeks old now.  They have changed so much in one week!  They are such spunky, playful puppies!




Week 6​​


June 10, 2019

These beautiful babies are 6 weeks old now.  They are amazing!  They are so social now.





Week 7

June 17, 2019

Haven are now 7 weeks old!  They are so funny to watch.  They run and jump and play hard, then crash in a pile of Coton fluff!  




Videos below this point are from Haven's previous litter.  They will be updated with videos from her current litter on a week by week basis.

Week 7

November 22, 2017

The puppies are enjoying life and each other.  Since Chardonnay's puppies and Delta's puppies play together I videotaped them all in this video.  




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