We are very proud of our puppies and so are their new owners.  This page is for Cathy's Cuties owners to brag and show off their cuties.  If you own one of our puppies, feel free to send us pictures and/or stories to add to this page.

Brag Page

Hi Liliana and Cathy,

Kamy started her Puppy training classes and is a little star. We love her so much! She makes us laugh every day with her antics.She loves to nap between our goldendoodle's legs. Kamy has brought her back to life. They are inseparable. 



Hi Liliana and Cathy,

An afternoon of people socializing! Had a fantastic vet visit. They were very impressed! You did great work! Everything is going very very good here.



Hi Cathy,

I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to check in with you and Liliana and let you know that Kairo is doing great. Our vet was very impressed with how healthy he was and we have you to thank for that. He is sweet and playful and has a great temperament. He loves our other dog, Seamus, and follows him everywhere. We love him so much and feel so fortunate to have him in our family. Again, thank you for all of your wonderful support and attention in helping us prepare for his arrival and bringing him into our home. 

We wish you both the best!



Hi Cathy, I just wanted to give you a little update on Jennie, now Georgie. She was one of Jolie’s pups with Lilliana. Honestly I couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s super smart and gets everything, potty training is going very well too. She’s the perfect addition to our home and it took a while but now both dogs are getting on great. I also have both of them on pawTree and they love it. These dogs have the perfect temperament for sure. Your doing great work in the world.


This video shows one of Fabien's and Delta's first puppies together.  His name is Guideaux and he lives in Louisiana with Bruce and Jeanne.  We are beyond proud!  Enjoy!


Julie and Bijou


Bijou has won three titles now. He is entering honors classes in International All Breed Canine Association shows. He has received V-1 ratings from 10 out of 10 total international judges. That's the highest rating possible! I convinced Lori to take Ambre (another Cathy's Cutie) with us to this last show. She did amazing! Earned her puppy national and international title with SG-1 ratings from all four judges. That's the highest puppy rating possible too! She's a doll! They had so much fun! I hope she emailed you her photo. She planned on it. 


Lori and Ambre

Dear Cathy,

    Ambre competed this last July 2010 at the age of 7 months old. She won Puppy National and International titles with SG-1 ratings from all four of the judges. This is the highest rating possible for a puppy, therefore, we are not going to be able to place Ambre in any more competitions until she is 9 months old on September 12th. We plan on entering her in more competitions in October. She is a smart dog and learns very quickly. Thank you so much Cathy for blessing us with our "jewel from heaven", her formal name is Ambre Ciel which means jewel from heaven.


Lori and Kraig

Nancy & Malcolm

owners of Monte and Carlo
Dear Cathy and Michael,

It is hard to believe that it is only 3 weeks since we picked up the puppies. It feels like they have been part of the family for a lot longer than that. Everyone has fallen in love with them. We could not be happier, and love them very much. They have adjusted  to the new routines and are extremely happy. We are also impressed with how smart these dogs are. They learn very quickly. They have had all their shots and we now go for a long walk every night, which they really enjoy. They are very good on the leash. They play very well together and it is really amusing to watch them race around the yard. They bring a smile to our faces every time we see them. 

Nancy & Malcolm

Hi Cathy, our vet said to complement the breeder of Pebbles (now GiGi). We wanted to let you know she is doing extremely well....growing daily....but the sweetest, greatest disposition, and smart (wow) ... she is training us well. We love her. We named her GiGi. Thanks again for bringing such joy into our lives. All three of us are happy.

Merry Christmas,

Russ and Carla and GiGi

Hi Cathy,

Gurdy just completed her first 7 weeks of Agility training and you'd be so proud of how willing, brave and happy she is at all of the obstacles. I really just signed us up to expose her to something different and she ended up doing really well. Here we are practicing in the back yard. See what a happy little worker she is?: That's all the news here. Hope you're doing well with Chablis. As always, too bad for the rest of the world that I got the best dog ever to come out of your breeding program and I swear she's not spoiled at all!!!! As all my friends say, "It's all about Gurdy" Of course, that's just jealousy talking. Take care and thanks again for such a great little dog!

Kathy Bice


I tried to text this photo Christmas day, but it didn't go thru. Baxter (now named Buster) is doing great and already chasing our Bernese. Lexi has been on cloud nine and they are inseparable. Thank you for a painless, excellent shipping and purchase process.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy New Year!


Hi Cathy,
 Just wanted to send you pics of Colby's first "puppy cut"... again I cannot tell you how wonderful he is and how much I love him... he is truly my gift.
My groomer was so impressed with his confirmation and behavior. I gave her your website to recommend to people who want cotons. Hope all is well with you.

Cathy and Mike,
Thank you for the best dog ever, since we got A.J. I smile every day. I am the richest person. I wouldn't give him away for millions. Thanks, Jeanine and Adrian- Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Cathy,
Bob and I are soooo pleased with little BJ.  He is very playful and then, such a "snuggle-bug"!  His personality is everything we had hoped for and more!  Today BJ passed his vet exam with flying colors. Thank you for being such an honest and reputable breeder.


Hi Cathy,

Thought you'd enjoy an update on B.J. He is Sexy Lexy's pup. B.J. is now 7 mo. old, neutered, a puppy school graduate, housebroken, and full of life. What a joy for us! I am currently teaching him to dance and roll over. He loves his treats, ball, and neighborhood walks. He gets along very well with other dogs and people. Our grand kids just love him. Hope all is well with you. I am sure your pups must make many people very happy. Cheers, Char

Hi Cathy :)

Bailey is doing very well. She used her indoor potty patch once she arrived at our home after the long journey from Phoenix. She had a few accidents initially but she gets much better as the days goes by. We always praise her & give her a small treat whenever she uses the potty patch correctly. She sleeps in her own crate in the living room at night. I accompanied her in the living room for the first few nights. She did not cry after the first night.We love her so much and she is just so adorable. Everybody loves her. Sincerely,Johnson and Diane

Hi Cathy,

The puppies are a joy. They are the cutest puppies I've ever known (and that says a lot!) Eloy turned out to be a perfect fit for our family. He's laid back but loves a good adventure. One of his favorite activites is running in and out of the sprinkler hose when I'm watering the yard. It's really funny! He fits right in with our 2 malalmutes, although we've been very careful about that. They are bonding nicely and actually have the same exact tricolors in their coats.. they look like siblings, despite the considerable size difference! It's so cute. I'll send you a picture of them together soon.Elliot is a smart, alert, loving, sensitive boy who wants to be with the humans more than anything. My mother loves him, as does her best friend/roomate, Lee. You were right about how it all works out in the end as if there were some divine intervention. We definitely feel that we ended up with the puppies that were meant to be with us.



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